Votes for Squirrels

A beginner's course in critical thinking exploring the characteristics of sound argument

  • Are all opinions equally valid?
  • What are the components of a strong, convincing argument?
  • How can you attack a flawed argument?
  • What's the difference between subjective and objective justification?

In these Masterclasses, you can't just say any old thing and get away with it! Students learn how to scrutinise arguments and challenge their validity by considering logic, inference, credibility of evidence and objective justification. Workshops for beginners start with the fundamentals of sound argument. Advanced courses address more specialist techniques.

They say...

Create your own day

We can run a selection of workshops in one day, with groups moving around in rotation.

What makes us different

Our tasks are 100% original, our leaders are experienced and our approach is dynamic. Read more.

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