The Edge

Advanced Masterclass for Oxbridge Candidates

The Edge is a one-day course open to all subject disciplines, full of hands-on tasks to improve higher-order thinking skills and interview technique. This course has been highly commended by many leading schools across the country.

  • What is that “extra something else” that they are looking for?
  • What kind of questions will they ask me?
  • Why do they choose those kind of questions?
  • How can I show originality in my answers?
  • What should I do if I don’t know the answer?
  • How can I use my personal statement to better my interview?
  • How should I use my time between now and the interview?

An Oxbridge interview is never just a friendly chat about your favourite subject or your hobbies and interests. They will push you, challenge you and expect you to be able to hold your own as they throw tough questions your way. But it isn’t an interrogation either. It’s just a conversation. However, this is a conversation that could change the rest of your life so how do you use every minute of it to stand out?

Exploring situations likely to come up at interview, students gain new insight in a challenging, yet supportive environment. The day is packed with tips about interview technique in the context of discussion and skills-based workshops.

This course is delivered by Emily Wiser.

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