With all the current education talk about bravery, boldness and independence, we wanted to create a course about genuine dynamic leadership. We realised that meant so much more than just addressing the skills of a competent project manager. We had to create a course that had as its aspirational focus those truly exceptional, brilliant, daring, innovating individuals who deserve the credit for making the world a better place.

We also realised that although those kinds of leaders may have a strong team around them, there is no avoiding the fact that true leaders must “reign” in the sense that the buck stops with them. If all participants in an enterprising team are equally responsible and accountable, then the truth is that the ‘leader’ cannot properly call him or herself a real leader. If we were going to be bold in the design of this course, we couldn’t shy away from that and we would need to challenge each individual student to consider themself as a potential Kingpin.

With independent thinking, taking the initiative, drawing on a range of skills and striving for excellence being at the core of all our courses, we believe that this new course epitomises everything we stand for at Wiser Words so we’re really excited about it!

Most exciting though is the outcome, being one that encourages the students to do something of their own initiative that will benefit their school community. We all know how much employers and universities want to see applicants who can demonstrate problem-solving skills and an ability to think for themselves. The results of this course can serve as hard evidence of that.

By the end of the day, students should not only be able to express some of their own developed opinions about leadership and justify them well, but they should also be fired up with an action plan for a project they are determined to achieve.

Further Benefits

Alongside the obvious benefits to those attending the course, if they succeed in the projects that follow, there should also be genuine benefits to the rest of the school – maybe the school gets a new chess club or a creative writing competition or a political podcast or fundraising fashion show. Who knows what they will come up with! We are careful to enforce the point that any initiative should be student-led and although they can call upon their teachers or parents for a bit of help and advice, they can only stand proud and give themselves a pat on the back if they do it themselves. So that should also mean minimal teacher time!

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