Typical of any Wiser Words course, Kingpin involves a broad mix of activities to keep the pace moving, draw out different skills and give every student the opportunity to get involved. We remain flexible in order to tailor every course to meet a school’s needs, timetable and specific objectives.

This course would usually include:

  • * Stories and examples of dynamic leadership decisions and strategies.
  • * Discussion activities to explore the qualities of a great leader and the challenges they face. This naturally leads to plenty of healthy disagreement and noisy debate. We rarely offer strong advice but rather ask probing questions and present hypothetical scenarios. This then encourages students to think twice about clichés and common assumptions and to develop their own informed opinions.
  • * A Wiser Words problem-solving activity, tackled in competing teams, so students have a go at putting theory into practice. The role of leader alternates, with each student receiving a different leadership challenge.
  • * A presentation task to formalise student conclusions.
  • * A Wiser Words ideas game to demonstrate how to generate, filter, select and fine-tune ideas. This naturally flows into…
  • * A student-led meeting to agree upon and consolidate an achievable action plan for a new school initiative


If you’re concerned about how to organise and manage an event in terms of all the logistics or crowd control, don’t be. We have 14 years’ experience of working with groups of teenagers in hundreds of schools (small classes to whole year groups and sixth forms) so we’ve pretty much seen everything and encountered every dilemma likely to come up in a school community. We know how to make it run smoothly.

Specific to Kingpin…

Group Size
Typically 15 – 35 students (Contact us for further options if you have a larger group)

Age Group
Beginners Course: Years 7–9
Advanced Course: Years 10-13

Nothing is set in stone. We have a menagerie of resources and variations of each activity to be able to tailor every course once we understand more about your students’ needs.


- a spacious classroom with a circle of chairs and a flipchart

- an outside area about the size of half a tennis court (see below…)

If the weather is sunny we can do a practical activity outside (if you have the space). If it’s too cold or wet or your facilities are restricted, we can use an indoor activity instead.

We usually work within your normal school day and keep to the timings to which students are accustomed as much as possible. We’ll discuss this with you prior to the event and work out a schedule together.

Staff Support
We will need at least one member of staff to be present at the start of the day to help with registration, introductions and formalities. Once the course has got going, any teaching staff are very welcome to come and observe but we won’t ask them to get involved unless they’d like to. For reassurance, we just ask that there is someone nearby who we can quickly call upon in case of any unpredictable circumstances such as a medical emergency.

    As for all Wiser Words courses…
    To help you with your planning, we will provide you with all the information you need to get set up for the day and checklists to help you foresee and avoid any problems. The facilities we need are not complicated and will mostly depend on the size of the group but we can talk this through with you to make sure we are all prepared. We bring all of the equipment and resources with us and set it up ourselves so your workload is kept to a minimal. The main thing we ask from you is to keep the communication channels open as we lead up to the event.

    In terms of our own preparation, we are meticulous about planning every minute of the day to ensure that ALL students are learning ALL of the time and that their special day is jam-packed with fun, interest and activity. From a prompt kick-start with a bang to the close of your normal school day, the schedule will be organised, all students will be occupied and no one will be lost, bored or confused.

    Give us a call and the first thing we will do is try to understand your objectives and learn as much as we can about your students, where you feel they are in their educational journey and what you believe would be most helpful for them. From there we can make recommendations and tailor the course to make it most appropriate and beneficial for them.

Create your own day

We can run a selection of workshops in one day, with groups moving around in rotation.