A leadership course about real leadership

It all happens very quickly. By the end of this day, students will be leading - identifying opportunity, initiating change and enlisting recruits. Don’t book it unless you are ready for things to start moving in your school!

  • If no one shares my dream, should I forget it?
  • How do I turn a good idea into a strategic action plan?
  • How do I build a loyal, energised and effective team?
  • How do I take charge without being an autocrat?
  • What skills do I need to overcome obstacles?
  • If it all goes horribly wrong, whose fault is it?
  • If it all goes amazingly well, who should be proud?
    True leaders have a ‘can do’ attitude and get things done. They are brave, bold, visionary and proactive. They respect others but don’t fear them, engage others and motivate them, listen with empathy and flexibility but stay true to their values and keep focused on their goal. They embrace responsibility, look for solutions and have a strong sense of autonomy that empowers them to push down barriers.

    Why “Kingpin”? Because true leaders wear the crown. Of course they can collaborate, delegate and will surround themselves with people. However, when it comes to tough decisions, taking initiative, holding the flag and paving the way, with a certain inner strength, the leader plays the key pivotal role at the centre of it all.

    "Awe-inspiring! It was much more exciting and interesting than other courses and taught in a fun way."

    "A unique and memorable way of teaching leadership that was intellectually challenging."

    This course is delivered by Emily Wiser.

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We use a whole mix of techniques to draw out different skills and appeal to all learning styles

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