Mission X

A leadership course with a difference.

  • How do you motivate your team?
  • Do you have to be bossy to be a good leader?
  • How do you handle strong personalities?
  • Have quiet people got nothing to say?
  • Would friendship affect your decisions?
  • How do you get everyone to listen?
  • How do you make use of the skills of everyone in your team?
  • Should you ever shout?

Students love the challenge of practical tasks where they must use their initiative and problem-solving skills. We follow a progressive format where students reflect on their achievements and objectively consider useful techniques. At the end of the day we have affirmation tasks, certificates and prizes.

They say...

Breaking barriers

Students learn and focus best when they feel happy, accepted and comfortable. Breaking down social barriers will have a direct impact on their academic success. Read more

What makes us different

Our tasks are 100% original, our leaders are experienced and our approach is dynamic. Read more.