Just Think!

Interactive workshops introducing new philosophical concepts and promoting the student as questioner. Team tasks and problem-solving activities are designed to encourage students to challenge their own assumptions and explore new paradigms.

Our courses are tailored to suit your needs. Examples of activities we offer are:

Goldfish on bicycles:
an introduction to logic

  • What’s the difference between deductive and inductive reasoning?
  • How can you tell if an argument is illogical?
  • How can you challenge arguments that are illogical?

Fairies flying aeroplanes:
an introduction to epistemology

  • What is knowledge and where does it come from?
  • Is there anything at all that we can truly prove?
  • To what extent can we trust our senses?

Tribal culture clash:
an introduction to multiculturalism

  • What is culture and to what extent should we preserve it?
  • Is it good for cultures to mix or influence each other?
  • What happens when there is conflict between cultures?
  • To what extent should we respect other people’s freedom?

Is eating people wrong?:
an introduction to ethical theory

  • Where does moral authority come from?
  • Is there an absolute morality or is it purely subjective?
  • Is it possible for a whole society to have a moral code that’s wrong?
  • What methods might we use to determine right from wrong?

Science or skulduggery:
an introduction to philosophy of science

  • What makes an experiment scientific?
  • What classes as reliable or convincing evidence?
  • How might you challenge scientific methods and conclusions?

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Our course activities

We use a whole mix of techniques to draw out different skills and appeal to all learning styles