Independent Learning

These Masterclasses are the antithesis of spoon-feeding! Empowering students with the motivation and tools to take responsibility for their own academic success, we believe, is the most valuable part of their education.

Elephants in Town

An introduction to memory skills and creative note taking to make revision effective, stress free and even fun!

  • Why do we forget things?
  • How can I use memory techniques in my notes and during lessons?
  • How can I secure information in my memory?
  • How can I speed up revision and make it more interesting?

The Active Learner

An inspirational Masterclass to encourage self motivation. When students see the results of what they can achieve in one session, they soon realise the implications this has for their whole education.

  • If I'm stuck or bored, what can I do about it?
  • How can I use my imagination to make learning more interesting?
  • What does "thinking outside the box" actually mean?
  • What is initiative and why does it make things exciting?

Student's Sonic Screwdriver

A thought-provoking Masterclass to develop the skill and consider the impact of asking good questions.

  • Whose job is it to ask the questions?
  • Which is more important, to ask a question or to know the answer?
  • What can you use questions for and how will it benefit me?
  • Is there a technique to asking questions?

Create your own day

We can run a selection of workshops in one day, with groups moving around in rotation.

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