Our Courses

A lot of teachers ring us up and say something like this… “Our students are very good at passing exams but they aren’t so good at thinking for themselves and using their initiative. We want them to learn to take risks and help them to have more confidence to express themselves and voice their ideas.” … if you can hear yourself saying something similar, don’t worry, you’re not alone! And this is exactly the kind of thing we can help with.

Whether you want to run a course as an Induction Day, to enrich your Gifted and Talented programme, or perhaps as an extra for Oxbridge candidates or potential medics, we will always listen first to your objectives and make sure we tailor any course to suit your needs. Although we offer a wide menu of different courses, you will see in all of them, a strong emphasis on developing students’ skills in independent thinking and independent learning. Each course uses a range of interactive, student-centred challenges to appeal to all learning styles and to generate a focused, highly energised environment. Students are given the opportunity to have fun exploring ideas and to practise skills within a structured, progressive framework with guidance that adheres to rigorous academic standards. We often have prizes and certificates at the end of the day.

Advancing education

We are specialists in education. The design of every course has a reason behind it relating to advanced teaching practice. Read more

Benefit your students

  • Create your own day

    We can run a selection of workshops in one day, with groups moving around in rotation.