About us

Education is not just about passing exams and clocking up points on your CV. Teaching is not just about imparting information, evidencing thresholds and meeting marking criteria.

We know there are so many teachers and parents out there who share our passion for inspiring young people to be intellectually curious, to think for themselves and to be able to express their ideas with eloquence.

We believe that a well-educated person is someone who...

  • » May not know the answer but knows how to find it
  • » Is happy to be wrong if they have learned something new
  • » Has many more questions than could ever be answered

Behind the fun and busy first impression of any day we deliver, is a complex methodology for advanced teaching practice, and a serious agenda to raise academic achievement. We provide INSET too if you would like to empower your staff with more techniques for developing skills in independent thinking and active learning.

Our mission and values


We wish to motivate young people to gain independence of mind, to think critically and analytically and to take pride in being mentally alert. We hope to inspire a hunger for deeper understanding, an adventurous attitude in the exploration of ideas and an appreciation for the intrinsic value of education.


We aim to encourage young people to gain a stronger command of the language they use, to develop confidence in expressing themselves and to take pride in being articulate and well-presented.