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Gifted and Talented
Inspirational workshops for students that are hungry to explore, scrutinise and devour some more challenging material! See courses
Independent Thinking
This happens in all our courses really! It's at the heart of everything we stand for... See courses
Independent Learning
Empowering students with the motivation and tools to take responsibility for their own academic success. See courses
Critical Thinking
Students learn how to scrutinise arguments and challenge their validity by considering logic, inference, credibility of evidence and objective justification. See courses
Problem Solving
These energising courses are filled with challenging and competitive team tasks requiring lots of initiative! See courses
Creative Thinking
Allowing students to indulge a playful spirit in order to spark imagination and heighten creativity. See courses
Movers and Shakers
Equipping those with responsibility the skills to be dynamic leaders and the inspiration to make a difference in their school. See courses
Where adventurous thinking, big questions and a sense of wonder meet logical, disciplined investigation, a desire for accuracy, evidence and detail. See courses
Advanced Masterclasses to for those wishing to study medicine, veterinary science or dentistry. See courses
Student Leadership
See courses
Philosophy and Ethics
Expanding students' awareness of the world of potential questions and how to explore them using objective analysis. See courses

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Inspiring young people to think for themselves

Wiser Words offers a range of in-house Masterclasses and Enrichment Days. Independent learning and independent thinking are at the heart of everything we do. We offer:

  • » Interactive student-centred tasks
  • » 100% original activities created by educational specialists
  • » Bespoke service tailored to your needs
  • We come to you!